This month's +Drink and Click™ / +Drink and Click™ Tokyo  challenge was to take SOOC (straight out of camera) shots.  Meaning no cropping, no editing in photoshop/lightroom/picasa/etc.  
Due to work, I showed up a bit late so I didn't take too many images.  
Then, upon getting home, I have to say that it a bit difficult to resist the urge to edit!  Generally I like to at least do a bit brightening/darkening/sharpening/noise reduction…

However, it is also rather liberating not to have to think about post-processing 🙂

These are all SOOC, just used ViewNX to convert the raw files to jpg, and resize – nothing else.  I think it was a good challenge, and I plan to revisit this challenge again personally soon because once you take out the possibility of post-processing (in any form), you do start paying alot more attention to the smaller details.

Thanks as usual to +Juan Gonzalez , and our sponsors +Think Tank Photo and +SmugMug !

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