Tokyo is once again experiencing some unprecedented snowfall today, and it's expected to carry on at least overnight.  Snow is still relatively exciting for me to see, and (as long as I'm appropriately dressed) I rather enjoy stomping through the drifts.  :)

It was already snowing briskly when I left home around 6AM this morning, and these shots are just a few images I took on the way home early this evening.  I knew I didn't want to lug the D800e around with me (snow + wind + umbrella + work bag does not make for a stable environment, which is a requirement for that camera), but I dug out my old X10 and had a bit of fun shooting on my way home.

Nothing too fancy, just scenes of today's snowstorm around Jiyugaoka :)

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9 thoughts on “Snowpocalypse”

  1. Oh, I'm certain there were plenty of people here in Tokyo who weren't too thrilled with the weather either +Thomas Paris (^^;
    (my coworker was one of them)

    I'm sure you must get your bright winter days too right?

  2. Bright winter days? In Paris? I wish…
    Well, yay, we do get one of those every now and then. But on average it's so bad I really miss Finland. Good thing I'll be in Norway next week. Too bad the weather forecast isn't good 😉

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