Old, new, and everything in between

Architecture in Prague (and perhaps throughout Europe?) is pretty cool with its mix of old and new structures, homes and apartments rubbing shoulders with ancient cathedrals.  Perhaps a common sight for Europeans, but not something I've observed very much in a metropolis like Tokyo.

Have a good weekend folks, and good night!  🙂

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    Stratification, and in Czech Republic is not so deep like in Italy, Greece or Iraq, for example. But Prague is magic.

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    It's what makes European cities fascinating places to visit. Each one tells its own history in its architecture.

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    Picture…YES…Panorama…Light…Colors…) + COMPOSITION…

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    +Giovanni Rosso , indeed, stratification was the work I was looking for – thanks 🙂
    +Ana Isabel , I've only been to Prague and Italy, but you're quite right – the architecture does bring the history to life and I hope to visit more of Europe in the future!
    +Arne Lepla , thanks!  🙂

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