Minami-Senju Matsuri

I know this is pretty old (the Matsuri actually happened in early June!) but thought the pics would be interesting to share.  I was woken up one morning by the sounds of voices shouting, whistles blowing, and drums a-banging – all of this happening right outside my balcony.  I grabbed my camera and stepped out to take the following pictures.  When I left my place later in the morning, the matsuri parade was still going strong – I passed them at the main street and snuck a couple more shots.

One interesting thing I noticed was that the people carrying the portable shrine would occasionally pause in front of select locations and then proceed to tilt the shrine back and forth several times.  I wish I knew what the significance of that was as it was the first time I’d seen that.  You’ll see what I mean if you take a look at the pictures towards the end.

It was fun to watch, but I’m just glad that such events are fairly infrequent as they can get very (enthusiastically) noisy! 😛

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    Wow, neat pics and just outside your balcony! Now you have me curious wondering why the shrine is tilted…bears further investigation 🙂

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