Joe Wong on C-SPAN

Though C-SPAN usually makes me fall asleep, this gave me a few chuckles (don’t take the subtitles too literally – they’re autogenerated by a computer and some of the words just don’t make sense)


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    Never heard of C-Span nor Joe Wong, but watched the video…a lot of his humor appears to be tongue in cheek. Some of it was quite funny, but it was even more amusing to see the looks on the faces of the audience…quite a range of reactions (from apparent lack of interest, to bemusement, to full-bodied laughter) and I wonder how he managed to keep at it for so long!

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    I’m SURE you have seen CSPAN at least once in your life – it’s that channel on TV in the US that shows nothing but government talks, discussions, etc.

    I also like that his humor was “clean” – no foul language at any point, which is pretty impressive these days.

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    hmmm, launched three years after I went overseas. You’re likely correct that I have seen it, but don’t recall it at all. Since they do government reporting, one would think they would have been called ‘G-SPAN’ 🙂

    You’re also right about Joe Wong’s humor. IMHO, I think it’s more difficult to do humor like his as it requires thinking more deeply about your subject and having a good knowledge of what’s going on and a good vocabulary.

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