Been in a bit of a creative rut photography-wise lately, so I've been trying to shoot a little differently.  These aren't my usual nature, or street, or even macro images that I typically post.  But in a way they're also all of those.  These were all taken on the street, just focusing on specific portions of things (so in a sense, a "macro" of a building) 😉

And, you could say that they're part of the "nature" that is in Tokyo.  Most people may not care for these types of shots, but I did get some satisfaction from shooting them, and hope that a few others may as well.  :)

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6 thoughts on “Experiments/Abstract”

  1. Indeed +Thomas Paris !  :)
    Btw, it's been a while, but did you say that you were coming to Tokyo?  It so happens that the cherry blossom season has just started – I'm sure you'll be seeing lots of these photos in your stream 😉

  2. I did say that and I thought I was going to come in April but the trip's been postponed. Maybe until Fall, but nothing sure yet :(
    I've found the cherry blossom difficult to photograph. Or more exactly, I've found it difficult to say something new about it. Maybe your experimentations will help you find that new voice?

  3. That's a shame +Thomas Paris , we have a D&C get-together this Friday, would have been a good time for you to mingle with the other G+ Tokyo photogs.  Hopefully you'll make it during the fall season :)

    As for shooting a sakura in a new way… hmm… that remains to be seen.  Maybe a multiple exposure of macro in black and white?  Perhaps focusing on a single petal?  😉

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