Eat your hambugers if you want blond hair!

I bought a TV very recently and though I mostly use it to watch US TV shows that I’ve…”obtained” *cough-ahem*, I do occasionally switch it on to see what’s showing on Japanese TV (the 7 or so channels that are broadcast for free).  Most times, the programs consists of sports, news, and extremely bizarre-if-not-downright-ridiculous TV talk shows.  So I don’t watch Japanese TV all that much.

One night though, there was a program in English! 😯 I couldn’t stay up too late (early shift at work the next day) but I did spend a few minutes watching the show, which happened to be a discussion between a Japanese and a Westerner on a new (for me) Japanese word – Y?shoku.

Essentially a “redefining” of Western food by the Japanese, Yoshoku includes such staples as “Omurice“, “Curry Rice“, “Spaghetti Napoletan”, and “Hambagu”.

I could write more on this, but I came across an excellent article available at the NYTimes on this very topic (and also explains the subject of my post). 🙂

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    This is great! I LOL at:

    That desire survived at least until the 1970’s, when a businessman named Den Fujita established McDonald’s in Japan and claimed that its menu would make Japanese as tall and attractive as Americans.

    “Japanese are poorly built because they eat rice,” he said at the time. “We’ll change that with hamburgers. After eating hamburgers for a thousand years, Japanese will even have blond hair.”

    “…and, meat was eaten furtively and only for medicinal purposes.”

    Have to confess, I’m like other Westerners, I want to eat Japanese when I’m in Japan; but maybe we should give one of these a try during our next visit. 😉

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