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Just for fun challenge – clouds

It’s been decided – this week’s “theme” will be clouds.  There will be a post next week with whatever submissions I get from my brothers (and of course my own picture).  If anyone wishes to join the fun, please send any submissions to: !

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Just for fun challenge – music images

Last week I uploaded a light-painted image I had taken of my djembe drum.  That led me to thinking – why not do a weekly “challenge” of images based on a theme?

I proposed this to my 2 brothers (let’s call them J3 and J4) and they submitted the following pictures.

Submitted by J3 – Musical Alchemy

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Submitted by J4 – Untitled

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I think both pics are pretty neat, particularly considering they didn’t have time to think about it.  For “Musical Alchemy”, do any anime fans recognize the reference? 😉

I will try my best to keep doing this weekly – I’ve asked mom to come up with the “theme” for this week.  Rules are simple: anything goes, as long as it is remotely related to the theme.  Photographs, drawings made in Photoshop (or heck, MSPaint) – anything that’s interesting.

If anyone who reads these challenges wants to submit something, please send any submissions to with the name of the challenge in the subject line.

Check back later for the next theme! 🙂