Spent all day in the office, with no opportunity to go out and shoot anything for my #creative366project . Luckily, the view outside my office window is pretty cool; it's even better on a weekend because then the office is almost deserted and I can turn off the lights to take photos with less window reflection! 😀

This side of the office building looks down over the Hotel Okura, a fairly old but popular hotel due to its convenient location. I've never stayed there myself (kinda pricey!) but have been there frequently as the office makes use of the conference/seminar and dinner rooms.

It also holds the Okura Museum of Art (or Okura Shugokan), which is an old-style building that somehow manages not to look out of place amidst all the modern buildings around it.

I'm off to bed – sniffles and sneezing like crazy today, colds are so aggravating (though still better than a cough I suppose).

G'night from Tokyo!

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January 28, 2012 – Anachronism

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    Nice view! Get well soon, ??????

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    It's so beautiful lights! Good night! And I hope you san recover soon. 🙂

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    Beautiful pic! Another postcard if you ever have the chance to print them! Sorry you're not feeling well…take lots of Oregamax and garlic! Missed you at our hangout; hopefully next week you'll be able to join 🙂

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    "it's even better on a weekend"
    How does that work with the 'luckily' at the beginning of the sentence before it? There's nothing lucky about knowing what the view from your office looks like on a weekend. :p

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    Nice view indeed! And for days you even don't have time to go to the windows, keep your Danbos at your desk.

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    great view!

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    Very nice!

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    Sorry for the late replies, but thank you +Margaret Tompkins , +Joanne Yu , +Hidetaka Onoyama , +Dean Marlett-Smith , +Peggy M , +Elsa Mota Gomes , and +Lucretia Yeh ! 🙂

    +Tal Pressman , I actually thought about that while I was typing up the post, but decided to leave it in – figured I'd try for a "glass half full" mindset 😛

    +Takahiro Yamamoto , definitely! Actually, I keep the smaller Danbo (Danbo-chan) in my bag – he goes with me everywhere 😉

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    Great image +Jeff M! And it's great to see so many of us hanging in there and being encouraging to each other. We're still going strong! Feel better soon.

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    It like a palace. Beautiful light up.

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    Thanks +Ellie Kennard ! One month done – 11 more to go! 😉

    Thank you +Claire SK 😉
    Soune, it is like a palace in the middle of the city!

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