A good musician is always impressive (though I know people’s definition of “good” varies), and even if you don’t necessarily like a particular genre, you can still admire the player’s skill.

Noboyuki Tsujii is blind – yet still manages to play the piano so well that he won a major competition against other international performers.  It’s simply amazing, and honestly, inspirational.

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    He is amazing and very inspiring. We saw him here in UB on NHK cable. I also read some of the comments posted on YouTube and one of them leaves me speechless. This person wondered why everyone is so caught up in the fact that he’s blind. As someone who has tried unsuccessfully to learn any musical instrument, including the piano, I find the fact that his fingers literally fly across the keys is amazing. I’m a visual person…learn and work best by having things where I can see them. To watch Tsujii-san perform amazes me as I cannot imagine being able to get to that degree of ability without seeing the sheet music and the keys, plus a lifetime of practice. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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