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A view of Prague

A quick shot of Prague as we were leaving the castle quarter, I believe this was taken not too far from the Strahov Monastary, a peaceful place far (at least at the time) from the more bustling castle area.

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I present to you… a wall


I remember taking this photo of a wall because I noticed that the designs weren't painted on, but looked to be "etched" in the stone (ie, the wall is white, but the dark areas are where the top layer of the stone/material has been scraped off).  I guess I should have taken a close up instead…

Hope everyone is having a good weekend! (work for me, sadly)
G'night from Tokyo!

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Prague Castle "Orchestra"

These guys seem to perform regularly in the Castle Quarter in Prague – they were quite good, and fun to listen to!

Also found this 30+ second clip on Youtube from 2008, so they've been at it for quite some time!

TGIF! (at least in this corner of the world)

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Not sure why I didn't include this together with the other images in my first post, but here's one more from the #gplus3yearanniversary  photowalk at Haneda.  After this, I'll go back to my Europe shots 🙂

Good night from Tokyo!

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