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Still issues with mobile posting

Mobile posting still a little glitchy – will work on it!


Quick post from work!

Was communicating with a coworker in Singapore and as he was getting ready to leave he sent the following email:

Taday is Eat Your Family day in Singapore and we all get to go home early.

While I was sitting there wondering what kind of barbaric customs they had in Singapore, he replied a few minutes later with Oops, I meant Eat With Your Family day. – at which I laughed out loud in the office.

For those who don’t know what he’s referring to, today is apparently a day that participating companies let workers go home earlier than usual so that they can spend a little more time with their family.  A practice I definitely think JAPAN should adopt!

For a little more info on Eat WITH Your Family Day, click HERE.


Live From The Field

Testing a feature to post blog updates from blackberry! 🙂

(Since no net connection at new place yet)



Too much packing, no time for blogging!!

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Figured it would be interesting to have “before and after” pictures of my current place.  So without further ado – here are a few pictures of my place before I started packing!

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The “after” images will come later… because I’m still working on getting to that stage (>_<;



It’s possible (just possible mind you), that I might have a… a somewhat largish number of books… 

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I’m hoping I can put those in the picture into one (large) box.  I already have 5-6 other boxfuls packed, but these are the last of them…

Wooo… back to packing…


A key in hand…

…is worth…two…in…the landlord’s hands?  That was horrible, and I don’t even know what I was trying to say. :p 

However!  That’s a picture of my key – it’s now officially “my place” (even though nothing’s in it yet….)  I’ll post a lengthier write-up at some later point about the application process, payment (UGH, the payment), and moving, but for now I’ll (try) to make do with mini-updates about the packing/moving process – starting with the picture of my key. 🙂

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Also, the move will actually be happening on Wednesday since the mover was booked Mon/Tue, so that gives me a little breathing space.  And now, back to packing!!


It’s happening!

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After…. goodness, almost a year, it looks like I’m finally ready to move!  I concluded part 4 of my “Apartment Hunting” series of posts by mentioning that I had found one potential apartment.  And… I found out on Tuesday that the last obstacle (guarator documents) went through successfully so I will be getting it!

There will be more writeups about the application process (mostly involves a lot of waiting on my part) and of course the move!  As a heads up though, since the move will be happening THIS WEEKEND (ohmygoshthatslessthanaweekaway), blog posts may be a little infrequent for a while…

So much to think about, to buy, to pack, to arrange… Ze money, it vanishes before my eyes!! 😯


Play dead Baillie!

Baillie’s a funny little dog – reminds me very much of a little corgi that always comes around when we do taichi on weekends.  At first we always thought that he was genuinely happy to see us – but then soon noticed that after greeting us he would look expectantly at his owner who would then give him a little treat.  As soon as he got his treat, the corgi (named Marron) would dash away from us to go find someone else to greet.  A little depressing actually… dashed our illusion that he just simply loved us so much. (>_<;

At least Baillie is not being bribed to be friendly with others, just to play dead! 😉